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Professional Overhead Door
Professional Overhead Door's previous website had all the right content, but none of the easy navigation or simple formatting needed to generate business.

Client Needs

Professional Overhead Door's previous website was outdated, not intuitive, and difficult to navigate, leading to a drop in calls and referrals through digital channels. The old website featured a non-scrolling home page with two large buttons for Residential and Commercial customers and a simple navigation bar at the top, but it did not display the company logo prominently. While the correct colors were used throughout the site, the font styles were inconsistent. Many pages were text-heavy and lacked photos, graphic elements, or design details, making the site visually unappealing. Additionally, the absence of headers within the text made it difficult to optimize for search engines. With a business model that involves working directly with residential homeowners and commercial construction projects, including coordination with project managers, prime contractors, business owners, and developers, Professional Overhead Door needed a website that effectively showcased their expertise and facilitated better user engagement.

The Yellow Umbrella’s Impact

During the website redesign, Yellow Umbrella Creative, a team of one, dedicated significant time to researching the market, relevant keywords, and user-friendly navigation. This research was crucial to writing compelling verbiage throughout the website to optimize the pages for search engines and tell the authentic story of Professional Overhead Door, a company with a mission to make the world a better place, one operational garage door at a time. Their commitment goes beyond financial gains—it’s a calling to help people.

Services Used

The new website now features an easily-scrollable design with intuitive navigation that caters to both residential and commercial end-users. A notable addition is the Ultimate Garage Door Repair Guide, a separate page allowing users to click on their specific issue to see expert tips and recommendations on fixing their garage door problems and understanding when to call an expert. These enhancements, along with the more strategic use of color and consistent text styles, resulted in a cohesive website that effectively generates leads and attracts clients who align with Professional Overhead Door's mission.